Deciphering Recent Research in Aquaculture and Marine Biology | Abstract
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Deciphering Recent Research in Aquaculture and Marine Biology


Alba Jurado-Ruzafa

On the behalf of Organizing committee, we extend our warm welcome to the entire participant for the “15th international Conference on Aquaculture & Marine Biology” on July 22-23, 2021 at Dubai, UAE. The theme focused for Aquaculture 2021 will be “Sustainable Aquaculture: New Challenges and Strategies”.

Aquaculture 2021 aims to bring all life science practitioners together for our Aquaculture Meetings so that they can engage and share their expertise and latest research with the entire aquaculture stream.

We cordially invite all the Aquaculture Specialists, Professionals, Delegates, Researchers, and Students to make your physical presence in UAE. The Young Scientist Feature is a forum for promoting young researchers in their field by allowing them to present their accomplishments and future plans. We are looking forward for the Aquaculture 2021 Conference to be successful just as the previous Aquaculture Conferences.

Opportunities at the conference:

• Keynote Speech
• Oral Presentation
• Video Presentation
• Poster Presentation
• Young Research Forum
• Student Poster Presentation
• Exhibition
• Sponsorship
• Delegate
• Collaboration Opportunities
• Business networking

Why to Attend?

We hope Aquaculture Conference 2021, which is the global ones, offers you the risk to pay attention to distinct factors of view and analyze new ideas and developments in your concern. The Aquaculture 2021 conference welcomes people of all ages from all over the world to explore the wonders that are happening in the ever-growing field of Fisheries. The conference aims to bring together experts, researchers, eminent personalities and students from both academic and industrial fields from all over the world under one roof.

Aquaculture Conference 2021 will provide an international platform to scientific academic and other researcher to spread their knowledge worldwide. Some key points:          

• Platform to showcase the research
• Workshops, Expo areas, Sessions
• Networking with colleagues
• Keynote speech by Professors and Eminent Personalities
• Educational Workshops
• Interaction with well-established companies in the world
• And many more…

Target Audiences:

• Aquaculture Specialists
• Marine Biologist
• Professors, Associate Professors, Fellows, Residents
• Young researchers, students
• Business personalities, Industrial experts
• Common people interested in Aquaculture and Marine Biology
• And Others…

Conference Highlights:

  • Aquatic Ecosystem & Aqua Farming
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Diseases & Immunity
  • Aquaculture Nutrition & Supplies
  • Aquaculture Genetics & Biotechnology
  • Marine Life & Conservation
  • Freshwater Biology
  • Coastal and Marine Ecosystem
  • Aquaculture Engineering & Waste Management
  • Marinefood Processing
  • Marine Biology and Aquatic Science
  • Fish Nutrition
  • Marine Ecology and Biological Oceanography
  • Fisheries Science & Research
  • Fish Physiology and Biochemistry


Program Coordinator
15th international Conference on Aquaculture & Marine Biology


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