Enhancing Novel Scientific Innovations in Aquaculture and Fisheries | Abstract
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Enhancing Novel Scientific Innovations in Aquaculture and Fisheries


Saleem Mustafa

12th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries will be organized on July 20-21, 2021 webinarAquaculture 2021 aims to gather eminent scientists, research scholars, notable Aquaculturists, educationists and professionals to express their views on the latest technologies, trends, and concerns in aquaculture & fisheries. It draws on scientists and academics' ongoing efforts to develop current innovations while still inventing new ones for the future.

International Conference on Aquaculture & Fisheries attendees by giving awards to the best scientific contributors under various categories.

Award for the Best Member of the Organizing Committee

The award for Best Organizing Committee Member will go to the person who has made the most contribution to the conference.

Award for Best Keynote Speaker

A keynote speech is significant because it establishes the conference's subject. The most critical component in the success of a keynote message is audience engagement. The keynote speaker must catch and maintain the attention of the audience, as well as establish the tone for the entire event. This honor is given to the best keynote speaker.

Award for the Best Speaker

One Best Speaker Award will be given out during the conference, based on the scientific quality of the work as well as the presentation of the work.

Award for the Best Young Scientist

During the conference, one Best Young Scientist Award will be given out based on innovative discoveries and insightful findings that demonstrate the high quality of student research work. Those pursuing a Master's degree, PhD, or post-doctoral studies are eligible.

Award for the Best Poster

During the conference, one Best Poster Award will be given out, based on the scientific merit of the poster and the lead author's presentation.

Each category's nominations are examined by committee members, and the recipient's name is announced after all presentations are completed. Nothing beats receiving praise from your peers and colleagues for a job well done. We all want to be accepted, and belonging is reflected in acknowledgment. Join us as a speaker for the Aquaculture 2021 conference on webinar, and give a talk in the linked topic of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Aquaculture Nutrition, Shellfish Farming, Environmental Impacts in Aquaculture, Aquaculture Disease and Health Management, Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring, Genetic Biodiversity in Aquaculture.

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