Exploring modern and advanced techniques in Aquaculture | Abstract
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Exploring modern and advanced techniques in Aquaculture


Eref Korkmaz

4th International Conference On Agriculture, Food and Aqua is delighted to extend an invitation to delegates from all corners of the globe to attend the prestigious meeting scheduled as Webinar. The conference provides a multinational amphitheater for international scholars to share their scientific findings with the rest of the world. With leaders from all of the major countries present, the atmosphere is energizing, with members cooperating openly and amicably. This is a gathering for agriculture, food and aqua Industry to learn about current and upcoming topics, explore recent developments in culture innovation, and network with people who have similar interests. This meeting brings together a unique and international group of advisors, including academicians, scholars, and industry experts, as well as total population, traffic, and proposed fish ranchers, to exchange knowledge and ideas about the advancement of Agriculture, Food and Aqua. Through perusing the ongoing Exhibition, participants will learn about a variety of topics related to agriculture, food and aqua, as well as get answers about the new agriculture, food and aqua gear and objects. People who provide goods or services to the agriculture, food and aqua industry are also welcome to attend.   
Opportunities at the conference:
•    Keynote Speech
•    Oral Presentation
•    Video Presentation
•    Poster Presentation
•    Young Research Forum
•    Student Poster Presentation
•    Exhibition
•    Sponsorship
•    Delegate
•    Collaboration Opportunities
•    Business networking
   Why to Attend?
This is the best chance to meet the biggest group of attendees from the agriculture, food and aqua industry, including members from all around the world focusing on learning about agriculture, food, aqua and its advancements. The Aquaculture Conference 2021 will offer a global forum for scientists, academics, and other researchers to share their findings. The below are few main points:
•    Platform to showcase the research
•    Workshops, Expo areas, Sessions
•    Networking with colleagues
•    Keynote speech by Professors and Eminent Personalities
•    Educational Workshops
•    Interaction with well-established companies in the world
•    And many more…

Target Audiences:
•    Academicians & Researchers
•    Horticulturists
•    Agronomists 
•    plant scientists
•    Agricultural Students
•    Farming practitioners
•    Food technologists
•    Food safety officers
•    Food Industrialists
•    Food laureates
•    Food Microbiologists 
•    Food scientist and researchers
•    Biochemist and Nutritionist
•    Aqua-culturists
•    Fisheries scientists
•    Aquaculture Researchers
•    Agriculture, Food and Aquaculture Industries
•    Board Members, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Head of the Departments

Conference Highlights:

•    Sustainable Agriculture
•    Horticulture and Soil Science
•    Livestock Farming
•    Agricultural Biotechnology & Food Microbiology
•    Pharmaco-toxicology
•    Food Processing Technologies
•    Bio fortification and Food Grading
•    Food Engineering & Chemistry
•    Organic Aquaculture
•    Fish Genetics & Biology
•    Fisheries Techniques
•    Waste and Water Management
•    Recent Techniques in Agricultural Practices
•    Future of Agriculture and Aquatic Biodiversity

Contact Person:
Program Coordinator
4th International Conference On Agriculture, Food and Aqua 

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