Focusing on Innovative strategies in Aquaculture and Marine Biology | Abstract
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Focusing on Innovative strategies in Aquaculture & Marine Biology


Yordan Staykov

The Aqua 2021 Committee is pleased to welcome participants from all over the world to the prestigious 15th international Conference on Aquaculture & Marine Biology scheduled to take place in Dubai, UAE on July 22-23, 2021 with the main theme "Sustainable Aquaculture: New Challenges and Strategies" The conference will provide a global coliseum for international scholars and researchers to share their research findings with the world. Within the developing aquaculture business, it is well acknowledged that high water quality is required to ensure viable aquaculture production.

This is a conference that allows members of the aquaculture and marine life sciences industries to learn about current and emerging concerns, explore new advancements in culture innovation, and network with others who share similar interests. We are pleased to announce the following novel conference honors.

Aquaculture 2021: Best Organizing Committee Member

Open to all dedicated OCMs of the 2021 Aquaculture Congress who contribute their ideas and research experience, and who have given their all to ensure the congress's success. At the conclusion of the congress, the keynote speaker will present the OCM with the prize.

Aquaculture 2021 Young Researcher Awards

We are thrilled to introduce the Young Researcher Award, which recognizes groundbreaking research and future creative brains. The Young Researcher Award will be presented as part of Aquaculture 2021 in the United Arab Emirates this year, with the appointment focusing on subjective outcomes and presentation. Members of the jury will conduct the selection procedure, and the winner will be declared.

OutstandingAquaculture Speaker in 2021

Outstanding speakers will be recognized for their enthusiasm and commitment to the subject. Outstanding speaker awards will be given to the speaker who had the finest conversation and reacted to the jury. The organizing committee representative will be in charge of the appointment and selection process, and the award will be presented at the conclusion of the two-day congress.

2021 Best Poster Award

The awards are given to the top three posters presented by students or postdocs at Aquaculture 2021 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). It honors a winning mix of research, innovation, and achievement. A select group of experts judges this award.

The awardees are chosen on the spot, and the winners are announced at the end of the conference (posters not attended on their schedule will not be considered). These awards are included in the certificate and the monetary prize.

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