Innovations in Controlled Environment Aquaculture | Abstract
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Innovations in Controlled Environment Aquaculture


Yannis P. Kotzamanis

It is one of the conference's most prestigious prizes, Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology 2021. Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology professionals with approximately ten years of experience are eligible to qualify for this award. Pro-rata credit would be given for part-time research experience. Even if the doctorate was never started, the experience will be computed from the day you acquired your (first) degree, which will provide you the title to join a doctorate (in the nation where you acquired the degree or in any other foreign country).

We are pleased to recall another worldwide gathering for the arrangement as a result of the successful completion of the arrangement meeting in the field of Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology.

It will take place as webinar on September 29, 2021.

Grant conveyance is the outstanding minute that was included in the meeting. The honor is to support the speakers, members, and keynote speaker, as well as young researchers and others.

There are a few classifications that are familiar with bestowing honors. The executive will present the honors at the conclusion of the event.

  • The most important category awards are:
  • Best Keynote Speaker
  • Best Speaker
  • Poster presentation Award
  • Young Scientist Award
  • Best Question Award
  1. Best Keynote Speaker:

The best keynote speaker grant will be offered to persons who are presenting their introduction at the Fisheries & Aquaculture meeting in a keynote speaker classification. The administrator of the gathering will choose this accolade. This is the most visible and well-known award given during the gathering.


  1. Best Speaker:

The best speaker award will be given based on the research idea and how the individual presents their idea throughout the debate. The research concept should evolve, and it should be implemented in the ongoing Fisheries & Aquaculture process. The keynote speaker, who is also attending the meeting, will select the best speaker. Individuals may be interested in the category in which they have been assigned.


  1. Poster Presentation Award:

The best poster presenter will be honored in the poster presentation category. This will be chosen based on the intriguing concept, and it should raise public knowledge of dental and Fisheries & Aquaculture. The conference's organizing committee will decide on this prize. The most spectacular events are ready to unfold at the convention.


  1. Young Scientist Award:

The Frontiers in Fisheries & Aquaculture Congress will also recognize and honor young researchers who are eager to learn about new techniques.

The understudy will be accorded this honor. This award will be given based on the research concept and how it would benefit patients in the field of Fisheries & Aquaculture.


  1. Best Questioner award:

This will be the extraordinary and most intrigued honor given to the representative who is asking inquiries to the speakers, examine individuals exhibiting the exploration work. From delegates who is posing the most important and proficient inquiry to the moderator they will be furnished with the best examiner grant. The meeting will have the workshop, logical session, notice introduction, video introduction, and so forth., The individuals who are going to the gathering are Industry individuals, examine individuals, teachers, leader of the divisions, Scientists, educators, aquaculture experts, Analysts and so forth., mercifully went through a day at the helpful spot to increase more information.

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