New Advancements in Aquaculture Research | Abstract
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New Advancements in Aquaculture Research


Yordan Staykov

We are pleased to announce Webinar on Aquaculture on May 29, 2021. This year's conference will focus on Aquaculture contemporary issues and advances.

The goal of the Webinar on Aquaculture is to encourage the integration of innovative fields Water Pollution and Aquatic Life. Aquaculture 2021 webinar have not only aided in the development of various health care and technology, but they have also contributed significantly to the improvement of human life quality.

The conference will focus on current issues Fisheries, Water Pollution and Aquatic Life. Webinar on Aquaculture on May 29, 2021, Webinar. Experts, professionals, academicians, and researchers from all over the world are invited to attend the Webinar on Aquaculture. Through interactive sessions and paper presentations, there is a tremendous opportunity to learn and share one's opinions. Eminent professionals, scholars, and postgraduate young researchers will share their perspectives and expand their expertise on a wide range of topics related to Aquaculture.

Opportunities at the conference:

• Keynote Speech

• Oral Presentation

• Video Presentation

• Poster Presentation

• Young Research Forum

• Student Poster Presentation

• Exhibition

• Sponsorship

• Delegate

• Collaboration Opportunities

• Business networking

Why to Attend?

The Conference give a unique platform for academic, scientific, and industry groups to address new concerns, share solutions, and explore future research directions in the domains of Fisheries, Water Pollution and Aquatic Life. The Aquaculture Conference 2021 will offer a global forum for scientists, academics, and other researchers to share their findings. The below are few main points:

• Platform to showcase the research

• Workshops, Expo areas, Sessions

• Networking with colleagues

• Keynote speech by Professors and Eminent Personalities

• Educational Workshops

• Interaction with well-established companies in the world

• And many more…

Target Audiences:

• Marine biologist

• Mariculture Scientists

• Health Management Professors

• Fishery product marketers

• Fishery Managers

• Aquaculture & Fisheries Training Institutes

• Research students and PhD’s

• Academics working in the fields of aquaculture biology and fisheries science

Conference Highlights:

• Marine Science

• Animal welfare in Aqua Culture

• Importance of Aquaculture

• Aquaculture Sustainability

• Fisheries

• Marine ecology and Biological Oceanography

• Genetic biodiversity in aquaculture

• Marine Biotechnology

• Interaction between aquaculture and fishery

• Livestock production


Program Coordinator
Webinar on Aquaculture
Email: [email protected]

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