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Feray Sonmez, Secil Gunes, Nurten Ozbey, Tunay Seker

This study was carried out to determine phytoplankton and water quality of Nazik Lake within the boundaries of Bitlis province. The study was conducted between January 2014 and February 2015, and surface water samples were taken at sesonality intervals from three sampling stations on the lake. The measurements of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, saturation of oxygen, electrical conductivity and analysis of chloride, sulfate, nitrate, total nitrogen, total phosphorus and chlorophyll a were performed in water samples. Nazik Lake has first class quality of water regarding the results of the surface water measurements and analysis. A total of algal taxa have been recorded; 46 taxa from Bacillariopyhta, 3 from Charophyta, 2 from Cyanophyta and 1 from Dinophyta. Among these algae, Cymbella, Fragilaria, Navicula ve Nitzschia (4 taxa) were the noticable genera represented in higher numbers of species. With respect to the stations, the highest number of the taxa was recorded in station III with 52 taxa and least taxa in the station I (37 taxa).

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